College and Pro Sports Of the Week Jan 6

Playoffs? Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?

College: Auburn vs Oregon

When: Monday, January 10, 8:30pm ET

Here it is, for all the friggin BCS marbles. At the beginning of the year Oregon was ranked 11th and Auburn was ranked 22, making this the most improbable championship matchup of all time. So with a month off, which one of these championship rookies will flinch?

Who Will Win? Auburn. They’ve been through more than Oregon, and despite having a crappy defense they manage to win games they shouldn’t. On paper, this should be a 45-42 kind of game. But with all the time off and the weight of the game, I’m guessing this will be a 23-20 kind of game.

Pro: Green Bay at Philadelphia

When: Sunday, January 9, 4:30pm ET

Without question, this is the most anticipated NFL game of the year. The Packers, who are easily the best six seed in playoff history (OK, so they can’t run the ball, but they don’t have to) are going up against the weird enigma of the Eagles. Are they going to be the team that broke out on Monday night to put on an unprecedented offensive performance? Or are they going to be the team that lost to Bret Favre’s backup’s backup during the playoff stretch run?

Who Will Win: The Packers. The Packers defense is one of the best in the league and their linebackers are fast enough to keep Vick’s legs in check. Rodgers should be able to hang 30 on the Eagles defense which will be too much for Andy Reid & Copmany to handle.