College Vs Pro Games Dec 9

We pretend to know something about sports.

College: University of Tennessee at University of Pittsburgh

When: Saturday, December 11th, 3:15pm ET

College basketball is here. And while March Madness is still months away, this matchup of the 13th and 3rd seeds will have big implications for your bracket come St. Patrick’s Day. It’s easy to think about December college basketball as throwaway garbage games, but when teams are trying to figure out which seed they get, and words like “RPI” and “Bubble Teams” flow from ESPN Analysts mouths, games like this will have a huge say in the difference between a 3 seed, a 7 seed, or a dreaded NIT bid.

Who Wins: Tennessee? Hell, I don’t know, it’s only December.

Pro: Kansas City at San Diego

When: Sunday, December 12th, 4:15pm ET

What are the Chargers? Yearly late bloomers, they broke with tradition last week by getting demolished by the lowly Raiders. And now they face the upstart Chiefs in a battle to figure out if they have any chance to make the playoffs so they can lose in the playoffs, or if they’re going to call their yearly one and done performance off and just skip the playoffs altogether.

Who Will Win: The Chargers. They are going to be pissed off after last week, and should crush the Chiefs.