College Vs. Pro Games, Nov. 11

We pick this year’s Super Bowl winner guaranteed to maybe come true.

Georgia at Auburn

Saturday, November 13, 3:30PM ET

On paper, this game is a blowout. And on grass this game might also be a blowout. Auburn is the second ranked team in the country. And Georgia has had a middling .500 season. But with Auburn QB Cam Newton’s allegations of taking bribes from schools to play coming down hard, this may be the week that he cracks under the pressure. While they’ve been playing really well of late, Auburn’s trailed in six of their 10 games and a distracted Newton may not be able to pull off another comeback. Poll time! Do you care if Cam Newton took money to play football in the NCAA a year before he takes money to play football in the NFL? Leave your well-thought-out manifestos and half-assed insults in the comments section.

Upset Alert: Georgia 45, Auburn 36

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins

Sunday, November 14th, 1PM EST, CBS

When I left for a two-week vacation, Randy Moss was a Viking, the Cowboys sucked and Andy Reid was fat. When I got back, the last two were still true, but now Randy Moss was on his third team in a month and a half. He somehow managed to talk himself off of two teams with hall of fame quarterbacks to a team that has a running back throwing the ball. And somehow I think it will work out this time, but it will have nothing to do with the quarterback. The Titans (as I’ve said before) are a team of no-names. In Tennessee, Randy will be the biggest name on the marquee, which is just how he will like it. (Chris Johnson could be, but he understands marketing himself as much as Andy Reid understands not ordering a second dinner.) And the best part of all this for us is, the Titans now have arguably the two most exciting players in the league on the same team. Bold Prediction: When the Titans get Kenny Britt back, they will average over 30 points a game and go on to win the Super Bowl.

Not As Bold Prediction: Andy Reid will continue to be fat.