College Vs Pro Games of the Week Nov 18

Crack open a beer, fire up some nachos and spend your weekend staring at your TV.

Ohio State at Iowa

When: Saturday, November 20th, 3:30pm ET

It’s kind of a sleepy weekend for college football with a few of the super powers taking Saturday off to presumably study for finals or get totally wasted. So we’re left with Ohio State going on the road to Iowa. Two teams who’s high hopes of a BCS championship were dashed before Halloween.

Who’s Going To Win: With OSU still fighting for a Big Ten title and Iowa fighting for the Gaylord Hotels Sandwich Bowl, the Buckeyes are going to come out hungry and walk away with the victory.

Indianapolis at New England

When: Sunday, November 21st, 4:15pm ET, CBS

Another year, another chapter in the best current rivalry in football. This year Manning’s is holding his team together with spit and Oreos, while Brady is holding his team together with spit and hair gel. So who wins? Check the next section to find out.

Who Wins? The Pats. They’re at home, Manning doesn’t have much of a defense or running game. And while his football smarts and pinpoint arm can get him past the Bengals, it won’t be enough to get him past Foxborough in November.