College Vs. Pro Games Of The Week Oct 14

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College: Ohio State vs Wisconsin

When: Saturday, October 16th, 7:00pm ET, ESPN

Despite what you might think, Wisconsin has a lot going for it. Think about it. It’s an entire state dedicated to cheese, beer and sausages. It’s like man-heaven right here on earth. While on the other hand, Ohio has nothing but unemployment and the number one college football team in the nation going for it. And since this post is about football, I guess that last tidbit is the only one that really matters.

Who Will Win And Why: Ohio State. I really want to pick the Badgers, but have you ever seen someone full of sausage, cheese and beer try to do anything? It’s not pretty.

Where to Watch (if you’re in the NYC area): If you want to see what someone full of sausage, cheese and beer looks like first hand, then head to 200 Orchard-NYC’s ultimate Badger Bar. Spend game day filling up on brats and curds while you watch Bucky on giant screens. They make up for the lack of Spotted Cow with tons of drink specials including fishbowls and boots! Pregame starts an hour before kickoff.

Pro: Dallas vs Minnesota

When: Sunday October 17th, 4:15pm ET, Fox

Two pre-season Super Bowl favorites in full-on “oh shit” mode square off this weekend. Both the ‘Boys and the Vikes are sporting surprising and disappointing 1-3 records–which means the loser will fall into a 1-4 hole that might be too deep to crawl out of (and full-on “holy f—ing shit” mode). Both of  are loaded with all-stars, so a loss won’t completely rule them out of the playoffs, but it will definitely put their season on the brink, giving this game a rare Week 6 playoff atmosphere.

Who Will Win And Why: The ‘Boys. Not so much for what they will do, but for what Brett Favre can no longer do. Anyone who watched Monday’s game against the Jets was just waiting for that last INT. It’s almost like he toys with Vikings fan’s emotions by sucking, then not sucking for a quarter and a half to come back and give his team a chance, to then totally suck with a minute left on the clock. And now he’s got a bum elbow to go along with his bum ankle…and his bum home life because he allegedly sexted his wang to Jenn Sterger.

Our pals at, the guys who simulate thousands of games each week to make predictions give us a few of their college prognostications:

Game of the Week:

Ohio State Buckeyes    30

Wisconsin Badgers             23

Cincinnati Bearcats     30

Louisville Cardinals           24

Arkansas Razorbacks  40

Auburn Tigers                   39

Oklahoma State 38

Texas Tech                       34

Kansas State 25

Kansas                              24

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