College Vs. Pro Games Of The Week Oct 21

We tell you what to watch this weekend.

College: LSU at Auburn

When: Saturday, October 23rd, 3:30pm ET

A lot of people will look at this match-up as the immovable object vs the object that moves up and down the field a lot. LSU has one of the nation’s top defenses, while Auburn has the top offense. So who wins? In baseball, good pitching beats good hitting. In hockey, a red hot goaltender can turn a mediocre team into a Stanley Cup champion. In basketball…well, I don’t watch much basketball, but I’m pretty sure defense is important. In NASCAR, uhhh, is there defense in NASCAR? My point is, defense wins championships. So that’s why you should put your mortgage on the Tigers to take the upset in this battle between the 5th and 6th ranked teams in the nation.

Unintentional Innuendo of the Week: From LSU coach Les Miles, talking about football (I hope), “He gives a blow like a fullback…he has a great touch on the ball… and he makes great decisions with the ball in his hands.”

Pro: Philadelphia Eagles at Tennessee Titans

When: Sunday, October 24th, 1pm ET

While everyone can’t stop talking about the Eagles, no one seems to be talking about the 4-2 Titans. And it’s easy to see why. Aside from Chris Johnson and Vince Young, I doubt many football fans could name many more Titans players. (Well, OK, maybe Rob Bironas, but that’s only because his last name sounds vaguely like “boners.”) But they’ve played solid most of the year. Their defense, while they lost the big names of Bulluck and Vanden Bosch, they’ve stepped up and played as a tough, cohesive unit. They’re the best team no one talks about. Plus, their coach has a pretty awesome mustache.

Who Will Win and Why: The Titans. Mostly because of their coach’s mustache.