College Vs Pro Games Of The Week

Bowl season is here. Which means we’re  three weeks away from meaningful games.

College: Missouri vs Iowa

When: Tuesday December 28th, 10:00pm ET

Insight Bowl! That’s right. This ain’t no Champs Sports bowl, or punk-assed Maaco Bowl or wannabe San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. This is…the Insight Bowl. Sigh. According to the Insight Bowl’s official website, “This bowl game is an electrifying experience in college football that you won’t want to miss!” Then, without a hint of irony, the next sentence is, “The Insight Bowl is bigger and better this year with the third pick from the Big 12 Conference and the third or fourth pick from the Big Ten Conference, after the BCS selections.” But hey, at least it’s football.

Who Will Win: Missouri. And Insight, whatever they are.

Pro: New Orleans Saints Vs Atlanta Falcons

When: Monday, December 27, 8:30pm ET

Win or lose, the Falcons will probably wrap up the number one seed throughout the playoffs (they play the Panthers at home next week.) The Saints, though, actually need one more win to secure a playoff spot and a win on the road against their rivals would be a huge statement game. The Saints don’t seem to have the mojo they did last year. Brees is throwing more interceptions. They can’t run the ball. Their defense doesn’t have the magic of 2009. So….

Who’s Going To Win: The Saints. They’ve been forgotten this year, but this is their coming out party. After giving the Falcons their first home loss of the season, prepare for an entire week of pundits and experts remembering that this was the team who won the Super Bowl. And will immediately call them the best team in the NFC.