Check Out These Crazy Comic Book Style Images of David Bowie

The rock god appears in everything from ‘Star Trek’ to ‘Taxi Driver’.

Pop culture mash-up maestro Butcher Billy is back with a dazzling tribute to David Bowie that reinterprets the late rock legend’s songs and personas in Billy’s trademark comic book style.

The Brazil-based digital artist, who we wrote about last year when he combined Marvel superheroes with alt-rock icons, draws inspiration from everything from Taxi Driver to Thundercats for his latest series. 

“Bowie has always had a huge impact on me,” Billy says. “His influence can be seen in tons of my art. In the wake of his death, I was surprised to learn how many people have been affected by his sound and vision, just as I have. This series is to celebrate his life and immense influence.”

Here, some highlights from Billy’s 30-piece Daily Bowie collection. See if you can spot all of the far-flung references.