Coming Soon to the 76ers: Lil B

The Based God was invited to tryout for Philadelphia’s  D-League team. 

For a guy who’s never stepped foot on an NBA court, Lil B has a surprising number of NBA beefs. OK, so it’s only two, but what other non basketball player has rivalries with two NBA superstars? Exactly.

Now it appears the Based God might actually get the chance to settle those beefs on the court. On Wednesday, the 76ers D-League affiliate invited the 26-year-old rapper to a tryout. In a tweet that begins with the respectful salutation “Yo,” The Delaware 87ers asked him to show up in New Castle, Delaware on September 19 and to “bring [his] game.” An hour after the invitation, Lil B accepted, tweeting, “tryout invite accepted see you there!! Philly here I come thanks to your front office for keeping your word – Lil B”

This actually won’t be a first for the man born Brandon McCartney. The Santa Cruz Warriors, D-League affiliate of Lil B’s hometown Golden State Warriors, had him in for a tryout in 2012. He didn’t make the team but as he told Grantland in June, he’s a better player now.

Here’s hoping for a different outcome this time around, if only to see Lil B raise from the D League and compete against his enemies Kevin Durant and James Harden. Gotta say though, after watching the video below, doesn’t seem like there’s much to be confident about. 

Photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella