Conor McGregor Eerily Predicted His 13-Second Knockout Victory Over Jose Aldo

He even predicted exactly how it would go down

For months, Conor McGregor has been telling anyone who would listen (and plenty of people who wouldn’t) that he was going to knock out Jose Aldo. He said he’d do in the first round and the fact that he was right about that isn’t all that notable. After all, the majority of McGregor’s wins have come in the first round, so he was simply playing the odds. 

What is notable though is that McGregor didn’t just accurately predict when the fight would end, he predicted exactly how.

Mystic Mac – The Aldo Episode

Posted by Conor McGregor on Sunday, December 13, 2015

McGregor nailed the prediction just like he nailed Aldo’s chin. The fact that the exact same thing happened with Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm’s epic UFC 193 showdown makes this extra eerie in our eyes.

That video, believe it or not, wasn’t posted by McGregor himself as a twist of the knife for his defeated opponent. Turns out that months of pre-fight taunting has given way to respect now that McGregor actually walked the walk and took Aldo down. In a Facebook message Sunday thanking fans, his team and the UFC, McGregor had some nice things to say about Aldo for the first time in months “Respect to a great champion in Jose Aldo. The true greats will always overcome adversity,” McGregor wrote. “I wish him and his loyal team well on their journey back. Much respect.”

Photos by Steve Marcus / Getty Images