Conor McGregor Squashes Injury Talk At Sexy Vegas Pool Party

The newly triumphant UFC king definitely put his best foot forward at this wild bikini blowout.


Encore Beach Club

In the immediate aftermath of Conor McGregor’s huge win over Nate Diaz Saturday night, speculation ran rampant that the UFC’s biggest star had suffered a broken foot from all the kicks he landed on Diaz’s knee. His pronounced limp out of the Octagon and the crutches he was using at the post fight presser, seemed to confirm it. 

But McGregor himself squashed those rumors after the fight. “My shin. I kicked his knee about 40 times and it’s hurting me,” he said, explaining the crutches. “That’s it just my shin, everything else is good. My ankle was actually a bit banged up coming into the fight. We were practicing leg kicks in camp so it was a little bit swollen coming in but it’s the shin.”

Still, McGregor could have been lying. It wouldn’t be the first time a fighter covered up a significant injury. 

But then on Sunday, in the least expected place, came definitive confirmation that McGregor’s foot is just fine. The UFC’s featherweight champ showed up at Vegas’ Encore Beach Club in a pair of swim trunks, sunglasses and flip-flops. No walking boot, no cast and no crutches. If his foot was broken, there’s no chance he’d be galavanting around with bikini-clad models and no protection on that foot.

This is obviously good news for McGregor, who won’t have to sit out the months it would take for a broken foot to heal. That means a shorter wait for McGregor vs. Diaz III, or whatever fight the Irishman wants next. And while a third bout with Nate Diaz would seem obvious, McGregor did say on Facebook that he’ll “take a heavyweight next.”

Perhaps Brock Lesnar, who’s already talking some serious shit about McGregor


Adam K. Raymond