Irish Superfans Want to Put Conor McGregor’s Face on Their Money

He’s basically the Abe Lincoln of Ireland.

A somewhat silly petition to add Conor McGregor’s mean mug to the Irish €1 Euro coin went in front of a committee of the country’s parliament Wednesday. It returned with a surprising answer: Maybe.

The Irish Independent reports that although the Oireachtas Committee on Public Service Oversight and Petitions (that’s a mouthful) dismissed the petition because the man who originally submitted it couldn’t be identified, committee members suggested that the idea itself need not die. Those interested in seeing cauliflower ear on legal tender were urged to contact the Central Bank to further pursue the goal.

“Whatever people think of the merits of the petition, I’m glad it drew public attention to our work,” committee chairman Padraig Mac Lochlainn told the Independent.

McGregor himself has become one of the chief boosters of this idea, so maybe he’ll rally fans to lead the charge to Dublin. The UFC mega-star has a mega-ego, and this is a fittingly over-the-top way to remind people of it:

Who would like 1 million of these great coins? Let's go Oireachtas! #VoteYES!

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The boom is BACK baby!!! #FuckTheRecession

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It would be an especially delicious way to honor McGregor given his burgeoning beef with the man they call “Money.” Floyd Mayweather recently started the bad blood by attributing some of McGregor’s success to being white. The Irishman fired back on Saturday in an Instagram post that said, “My people have been oppressed our entire existence.” Then he challenged Mayweather to a fight. Mayweather won’t take him up on it, at least, not if the winner only gets cash. 

Smart move, McGregor. Now, up the stakes so the winner gets his face on cash and that’s something that would definitely bring “Money” out of retirement.