Watch More Than Seven Minutes of Conor McGregor Trash-Talking Jose Aldo

‘The Notorious’ UFC fighter is quite the pest. 

Breaded Irishman Conor McGregor has become one of the biggest draws in the UFC thanks largely to his knack for putting guys to sleep in the middle of a bright arena. But his secret weapon has never knocked out anyone.  

McGregor’s mouth is a force, a non-stop, insult-spewing weapon that helps him rattle opponents and has made him the star he is today. The 145-pound 27-year-old doesn’t just walk the walk, evident by his 18-2 record, but he talks the talk. 

More often than not, the subject of that talk is José Aldo, the UFC featherweight champion who McGregor will fight at UFC 194. McGregor has been antagonize Also since their fights was announced in January. An injury delayed it from last July to December 12, and McGregor hasn’t shut up. For nearly a year, he’s been poking and prodding Aldo, trying to get in his head before he gets into his face. It’s enough to earn McGregor the title of “best shit talker ever,” according to Joe Rogan. And enough to assemble more than seven minutes of insults into one single video. 

Photos by Christian Petersen / Zuffa LLC / Getty Images