Conor McGregor and Kit Harington Are Bad Guys in a Thrilling New ‘Call of Duty’ Trailer

McGregor’s screen time is short, but he gets a punch in.

We knew Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington and UFC superstar Conor McGregor would have parts in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but the only available information was from an announcement from Activision naming Harington as the game’s baddie and this vague tweet from McGregor showing him in a motion capture suit:

With the game’s new story trailer, we finally get to see the two play their action-packed roles. Harington portrays the menacing radical leader Admiral Salem Kotch. McGregor appears as the fist-throwing adversary Captain Bradley Fillion. McGregor only appears for a few seconds in the clip, but if you’re dying to see more of his involvement you can check out the video just posted to The Mac Life. 

As with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the newest installment takes place in a war-torn future. The clip gives us a general overview of what to expect: Sci-Fi-style spacecraft, futuristic weaponry, tons of explosions, and a story filled with all of the nail-biting drama and near-lethal close calls Call of Duty has been delivering since the series began. 

Set to hit stores November 14, Infinite Warfare will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC just days after Modern Warfare Remastered goes on sale. Until then, we’ll have get our fix re-watching these trailers and replaying the famed FPS.