Someone Edited Conor McGregor Into The Viral ‘Kangaroo Punch’ Video And It’s Hilarious

We’d watch this smackdown.

It’s inevitable that the controversial viral video in which a dog owner rescued his endangered pup by punching a kangaroo would inspire riffs. This one is easily the best we’ve seen.

Created from the original clip by Twitter user rayrod747, the video proceeds as normal at first — the dog’s worried owner, Taronga Western Plains zoo employee Greig Tonkins, goes jogging toward the ‘roo, which has his four-legged pal in a headlock. Tonkins gets his blow in, the animal gives him a shocked look — and Conor McGregor explodes on the scene, clocks the kangaroo and then starts to ground and pound as Tonkins attempts to remove him.

It’s such good video editing anyone who sees it without a proper introduction might have to pause and think about it before hopefully concluding it makes no damn sense for McGregor to be there in his fight uniform in the first place. 

While PETA has expressed intense consternation that Tonkins is keeping his job at the zoo after the video and several copies of it seem to have been taken offline, this edit needs to stick around. 

We hope it inspires future imitations, a whole variety of videos featuring nothing but Conor McGregor appearing from nowhere to beat the snot out of someone or some creature that deserves it. 

h/t Brobible