Irish Wild Man Conor McGregor Wins UFC 194 in Record Time

The UFC’s most unrepentant heel did exactly what he predicted.

Conor McGregor is a man of his word. He said he’d deliver a knockout to Jose Aldo in UFC 194, and he did just that—in a record-setting 13 seconds. 

Aldo was a formidable foe on paper, with an unbroken string of 18 victories over the last decade, but McGregor seemed to have his measure. Fox Sports reported the motor-mouthed Irishman’s assessment of what he did right:

“No power, just precision,” McGregor said about the punch that ended the fight. “No speed, just timing. These are fundamentals. That’s all it takes. These are four-ounce gloves, that’s all it takes when you take my left hand. Nobody can take that left-hand shot.”

Aldo certainly couldn’t. He began the brief match looking strong, but his end was nigh when he closed in on McGregor with a wide, heavy-looking right as McGregor knifed in with a lightning left. Aldo actually connected but it didn’t matter, the damage was done, he was down with McGregor delivering a few finishing blows before being pulled away. And the crowd—many of them Irish McGregor fans who’d journeyed to Vegas to see their countryman do his thing—went nuts. 

Jose Aldo, who said all of McGregor’s trash talk in the run up to the fight meant nothing to him, is ready for a re-match. “I threw a punch and he came back with another cross and that was that,” Aldo told Fox Sports.  He also said that he thought a rematch was in order because “it was really not a fight so we need to get back in here.”

We’d be down for that if it happens, if for no other reason than the chance to create another Conor McGregor Trash Talking supercut.

Photos by Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC / Getty