Converse Is Selling Sneakers With A Built-in Guitar Pedal

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Converse and rock ‘n roll have been hopelessly intertwined for decades— so it’s about time they made an All-Star with a guitar amp built inside of it. 

These 21st century Chuck Taylor All Stars are cleverly called the “Chet Atkins All Wah,” which references the wah pedal that changes a guitar’s tone when plugged into the shoe, as well as the first guitarist to ever use a wah pedal.

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In a video provided by the creators of the shoe, the sensor that measures how much distortion is to be used in a typical wah pedal is replaced with a strip that measures how much the shoe is bending, effectively creating a pedal that works with just the bend of a foot.

Watch wizened alt-rock god J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. sample the seemingly magical pedal-shoe using one of his signature Jazzmasters above.