Cop Comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Might Be Fall’s Best New Sitcom

SNL alum Andy Samberg leads this new show about bumbling cops. You have the right to get excited.

SNL alum Andy Samberg leads this new Fox sitcom about bumbling cops. You have the right to get excited.

Photo: Eddy Chen / FOX

Take the creative forces behind Parks and Recreation (where we get all of ourstyle advice), add some of the funniest actors in the business (like this guy), then throw them into a Brooklyn police station, and what do you get? Perhaps the best new sitcom of the upcoming TV season. Fox, which announced yesterday that the show is part of their Fall 2013 lineup, describes Brooklyn Nine-Nine as “a new single-camera workplace comedy about what happens when a hotshot detective gets a new Captain with a lot to prove.” We’re hoping that translates to a totally new type of show that combines the best elements of soon-to-be-finished The Office with the ’70s classic (and dad favorite) Barney Miller. While we’re psyched to once again see ex-SNLer Andy Sambergevery week, we’re equally excited that random funny people like Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, and Chelsea Peretti have finally found a permanent home. So check out this trailer, then get your DVR finger ready; you’re gonna want to give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a season pass.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine will air Tuesdays at 8:30pm on Fox.

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