Police Officer Responds to Complaint of Kids Playing Hoops and Shoots...Some Jumpers

He dunked on them too.
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Here’s a welcome departure from the police videos we’re used to. 

Some overzealous killjoy in Gainesville, Florida, filed a noise complaint against kids playing basketball on a neighborhood street. When an officer showed up, he bounced out of his car and immediately made it clear whose side he was on. “Can you believe someone is calling and complaining about kids playing basketball in the street?" he asked. "I don’t know who called but obviously I ain’t got no problem with it.” Then he bricked a jump shot.

It’s too bad this kind of humane interaction between cop and citizen is noteworthy, but that's the world we live in. Anyway, Office White is clearly one of the good guys, even if he’s bad at basketball. Give the man a raise. And give the Gainesville PD's social media editor a bigger raise.