Corey Feldman Returns to the 'Today' Show for Another Freaky Performance

The guy has balls.
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In what's been a good day for music fans, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature, and Corey Feldman and his "Angels" returned to the Today show for a encore performance.

Come to think of it, "encore" might not be right word choice. After performing "Go 4 It," the debut single from his forthcoming album Angelic 2 the Core, the former Stand by Me and Goonies star was widely mocked online, particularly due to his unusual choreography.

See why, below:

So "do-over" might be more apt. 

Opting to perform his anthem-y single "Take a Stand," and once more not holding back on bizarre costumes and hand gesturing, you can't help but applaud the guy's spirit.