Cornelius Applejack

The apple doesn’t fall far from the whiskey!

It’s sophisticated…

It’s made from apples…

It’s Cornelius Applejack!

Not to be confused with the popular breakfast cereal, Applejack is an alcoholic beverage that’s been around since the old pioneer days when people preferred to drink their apples to get drunk rather than eat them for nutritional purposes, as many of us do today. And thanks to the fine folks up at Harvest Spirits in New York, we now have a modern, more refined version of this traditional beverage bearing a name just as fancy as it is: Cornelius Applejack. While it may not necessarily be the breakfast of champions, Applejack – which embodies all of the complexities of bourbon combined with the subtle flavor of apples – is so smooth and delicious that we sure wouldn’t mind washing down our waffles with it.


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