This Scorching 'Bachelor' Contestant Put Whipped Cream on Her Cleavage for the Bachelor to Lick Off

"I want to get even more romantic with Nick and explore each other sexually."
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ABC's The Bachelor is just a couple episodes into season 21, but things are already getting ridiculous. 

Corrine Williams, a "business owner" from Miami, had only known suave technology salesman Nick for a few days when she decided that their relationship had progressed into sexual territory, as you'll see in the short clip from TMZ below. 

"I really like Nick, because we probably have one of the stronger connections," she told the camera as she cinched up a trench coat around her bare chest. "I want to get even more romantic with Nick and explore each other sexually." 

The sentiment, if legitimate, is admirable. But dolloping whipped cream from a can onto your chest and telling a man with well over 20 other gorgeous women vying for his hand in marriage to lick it off on national television probably wasn't the greatest idea Corrine has ever had. 

We're willing to look past this unfortunate faux pas, because as it turns out, Corinne likes to explore her sexuality in other places, too, i.e. her Instagram page. Here's a sexy sampling: 

h/t: The Smoke Room