Could LeBron James Spurn the Heat For the Cavs?

One fan responds to the King.

An open letter to LeBron James from a Cavs fan about his potential return.

(Photo by Issac Baldizon/Getty)

Dear LeBron,

It’s been a while, man, hope all’s good. Would’ve hit you on the BBM like the old days, but we’re all on iPhones now in Cleveland.

No offense intended. By the way, I really enjoyed the irony of your barbershop commercial last year.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing a lot about this potential return in 2014 and wanted to check in with you on that. I was hoping we could talk before everything got too carried away.

Speaking only for myself, of course—as a Cavaliers fan who spent his entire life in Northeast Ohio—I understand why you might want to come home at this point.

Kyrie Irving could well be the best teammate you’ve ever had. And playing with him as a member of the Cavs, you could also begin to heal a relationship with your hometown that was once indelibly scarred by the way you left. 

Obviously, though, there was certainly a time I never thought a return like this could be possible. 

When you were sitting there with Kanye and Jim Gray that day, I didn’t think you cared about Cleveland or the Cavaliers at all.

It wasn’t until I found myself standing on the Quicken Loans Arena court last year that this notion that you could potentially return first invaded my stream of consciousness. 

Not sure if you recall, but I was the guy standing among the media gathered with the stunned look on his face while you were being pelted with questions about the Yahoo! report that Adrian Wojnarowski had just filed.

You remember that one, right? About how you’d been plotting this return to Cleveland as far back as last season? If not, it was later followed up by a more reports of the same this year, so maybe you caught those. 

But after seeing how good Irving actually is over the last two seasons, those reports began to make sense. 

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