The Courvoisier Palomino

It’s the perfect marriage… cognac and beer!

It’s the perfect marriage… cognac and beer! 

Have y’all heard?


Courvoisier has a new Moscato liqueur, Courvoisier GOLD.

It’s sweet, light, refreshing, a little bit stronger than regular Moscato, and you already know how we feel about gold.


But we haven’t even gotten to the best part!


It tastes AMAZING with beer! Hooray! Check out the recipe for La Vie In Gold, a drink that combines all the best things about being a man and being fancy. 

La Vie en Gold

Created by Duane Fernandez Jr.


2 parts Courvoisier® Gold

1 part Fresh Lemon Juice

.5 part Demerara Syrup

Topped w/ Wheat Beer


Shake over ice and strain into a pilsner glass. Top with the wheat beer of your choice. Garnish with a lemon wheel. 

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