Cowboys Fan Petitions White House for Removal of Jerry Jones

Your tax dollars at work.

Your tax dollars at work.

(Photo: Wesley Hitt / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012)

In a fit of frustration, one unhappy Cowboys fan (is that an oxymoron?) decided that he was going to take his grievance to the top. “Steven M” created a petition on to “Request the Executive Branch’s immediate assistance in removal of owner and GM, Jerry Jones.” He goes on to explain: “His incompetence and ego have not only been an extreme disappointment for way too long, but moreover, it has caused extreme mental and emotional duress.” Steven hails from Fort Benning, Georgia, which is odd, as the petition begins “We, the Citizens of the Great State of Texas,” but we’ll let it go, because the guy is desperate enough to classify this as a “Human Rights Issue.”

The petition, created on November 23rd following Dallas’ 38-31 loss to the Redskins, had about 4,000 signatures at press time. That’s only 21,000 short of the goal, which would produce a White House review and response. Get on it, cowpokes!

When reached for comment, Jones somehow managed to spit in our face over the phone (we’re still baffled).

UPDATE: As of 5:10 pm, the petition was taken down by Or possibly the Eagles, you can’t be sure.

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