Craig Robinson on How To Prepare for The Apocalypse

The This Is The End star tries his best to keep you alive.

This Is the End’s Craig Robinson tries his best to keep you alive. 

Photo Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Don’t Go To Franco’s

“In the movie we stay at James Franco’s place, but I’d go to Chuck Norris’ house, because once the apocalypse got there it would be called the apoca-Chuck.”

Choose your Companions Wisely

“I’d like to be with my family, but eventually I would need to have some sex, so hopefully my cousin Sharice will be there.” 

Consult Others

“I would stock up on water, beans, a can opener, and weed lollipops. I wouldn’t even think of a flashlight unless someone reminded me.”

Defend Yourself

“I’d attach scythes to my arms and roll around. You also need some Al Green in case you have to seduce any aliens.”

Make Your Last Moments Count

“Tell your wife you love her, then go make love to the girl you always wanted to.”

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