Craigslist TV: From Wallflowers to Wild Men

An online ad connects two shy guys with their very own “Dupree” –a dude who knows how to party.

See an exclusive preview of the latest episode of Craigslist TV,an online series based on the popular site.

You may check Craigslist whenever you’re in the market for a new bike, a part-time job, or even a date, but what about when you need a ninja who will wash your car for free? Or maybe you’re the perfect fit for a foam weapon league? Or maybe you’ve never considered either of these options, but now you’re curious. The online series Craigslist TV follows the people who post “the most outrageous” Craigslist ads from “Male Geek looking for Female Geek” to “Rent My Couch! Must Love Dogs” and reveals if these people are for real (spoiler alert: they are). Go to to check out all of the episodes/crazy people. Check out the clip below for a preview of Craigslist TV.