Watch This Incredibly Creepy Video Introducing Michael Fassbender’s New Android in ‘Alien: Covenant’

Never trust a robot in an ‘Alien’ film.

As they did with Prometheus, the producers of Alien: Covenant have been generous with turning out intriguing tell-tale clips that prime audiences for the movie to come without giving it all away. 

There was this ominous clip which introduced us to the xenomorph fodder to come, then the recent trailer that finally gave us a look at the beefed-up alien colonists are set to encounter in the new film. This week they dropped a “commercial” about the creation of Walter, the new android character played by Michael Fassbender.

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Meet Walter
We’re not sure we want to meet Walter.

It feels like Walter is yet another in a long line of artificial humans who will play a key and possibly villainous role in the film. The website linked from the video’s home page on Youtube,, doesn’t help. With the eerie music and Fassbender’s impassive face staring from the screen, the vibe isn’t comforting at all. 

What we do know is we’ll find out for sure when the crew of the colony ship Covenant lands on a forbidding and deadly world light years away on May 19, 2017.