Watch Cristiano Ronaldo Switch Bodies With a Kid In This ‘Freaky Friday’-Themed Nike Video

The World’s Highest-Paid Athlete stars in what appears to be the World’s Most Expensive Nike Commercial.

Every two years, on the eve of major tournaments like the World Cup or European Championships, Nike puts its significant resources into an advertising campaign that would make Hollywood jealous. Perhaps you remember the The Last Game cartoon, a project that gives The Polar Express or Hugo a run for their animated money, or the legendary Brazil Airport commercial.

Now, with soccer’s best European teams preparing to clash in France, Nike has released a highly-entertaining six-minute ad called The Switch featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, fresh off of being named the highest-paid athlete in the world. Nike constructed their own version of Freaky Friday, as a collision between the Portuguese superstar and a teenage ball-boy causes the two to swap bodies—and lives. (And perhaps making light of soccer concussions along the way.)

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Ronaldo awakens to find he’s an anonymous teenager living with his family in a modest apartment in England. Meanwhile the teen awakes to find himself living the dream that is Ronaldo’s life, complete with mansions, supercars and even a stunningly attractive assistant.

Enlisting an impressive roster of current soccer stars, the campaign follows what would happen in the case of such a switch, and combines realistic in-game performances with a healthy dose of humor (the teen checking out his newly obtained six pack in the mirror or crashing Ronaldo’s stunning Pagani supercar).

If the commercial doesn’t satiate your desire for more Ronaldo, he leads his Portugal squad into action on June 14 against Iceland in his first match of the Euros. Let’s just hope The Mountain from Game of Thrones doesn’t get too pissed if he scores.