Cruzan Sunday Bloody Funday

Get ready to blast through your game day hangover.

The big game is almost here…

So many chicken wings to be consumed…

So much yelling at the TV to be done…

And lots of boozing…which brings us to Sunday Bloody Funday, a cocktail perfect for when you first wake up on Sunday morning. It’s also good for a solid meal any time of the day, and great for waking up Monday before you trudge to work in a post-football haze – you decide! Recipe below. 

Cruzan Sunday Bloody Funday


2 parts Cruzan Estate Diamond Light Rum

1/2 part orange juice

1/2 lime, cut into wedges 

2 roasted garlic cloves 

1 sprig Thyme, cut into halves 

1 sprig Rosemary, cut into halves 

1/4 diced jalapeño pepper

2 jalapeño slices

Pinch of sea salt

Tomato juice


Combine lime wedges, roasted garlic, ½ sprig thyme, ½ sprig rosemary, diced jalapeño, and sea salt in a pint glass, then lightly muddle. Add Cruzan Estate Diamond Light, orange juice, and ice, then top with tomato juice. Roll with another glass to mix. Top with ice and add garnishes on a skewer – garnish with 1 celery stalk, 1 roasted garlic clove, 1/2 Rosemary sprig, 1/2 Thyme sprig, and 2 jalapeño slices.

It’s just the best!

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