The Cubs All Wore Onsies For Last Night’s Flight Back to Chicago

Look at these wealthy grown men dressed like toddlers. 

The most notable thing that happened at Dodger Stadium last night was the spellbinding no-hitter that Cubs righty Jake Arrietta threw. But the second most notable thing, and it really was a pretty close second, was the Cubs dressing up in onsies after the game for their late-night flight back to Chicago. 

Manager Joe Maddon is a well-known proponent of clubhouse levity. He brought a penguin into the locker room when he was with the Rays and he pioneered this idea of having players dress up for road trips (see nerd night and this Woodstock retrospective).  As Maddon told,”If you won, it makes it better, and if you lost, it’s, ‘Lets put this behind us and move on.’ I see it as a ‘Win, win, win,’ as Michael Scott would say.”

The Cubs didn’t just win yesterday though, they won with one of the greatest games ever pitched by a player in the team’s uniform. Arrieta’s game score was 98, the highest for a Cub since Kerry Wood’s masterful 20 strikeout effort in 1998. Afterward, Arrieta put on the greatest post-game press conference get up ever worn—a onsie with mustaches all over it.

This 29-year-old grown man just had the most successful day of his professional career and he’ll forever remember wearing baby pajamas right after it. We should all be so lucky.