Chucky the Killer Doll Is Back and Badder Than Ever in Straight-Up Terrifying New Trailer

‘Cult of Chucky’ may be the goriest entry yet.

The 2013 film Curse of Chucky was hailed as a return to form to the long-running Child’s Play franchise, which first kicked off in 1988.

The trailer for the forthcoming follow-up, Cult of Chucky, just hit the web, and it’s the redheaded terror at his maniacal best.

Gone is the campy humor of the later sequels. In its place are gruesome kills, a chilling mental hospital setting and horror maven Jennifer Tilly pulling the strings.

Although, Chucky squeezes in a few laughs.

Cult follows the paraplegic survivor of the previous film Nica, played by the daughter of Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif. Following the murder of her family in Curse, she has been convinced by psychotherapists the killer doll was a delusion.

Bodies soon begin dropping like flies in her psychiatric ward, and only Chucky (or as it’s hinted in the trailer, Chuckys) could be to blame.

Maxim was on the set of Cult of Chucky in Winnipeg, Canada in February, and we can corroborate this just might be the goriest Child’s Play flick yet.

Cult of Chucky will be out on Blu-ray DVD and Digital HD October 3rd.