The Cure Just Announced a 25-Date North American Tour

This will be Robert Smith and Co.’s first tour in eight years. 

The music industry is pretty similar to one of those rotating ball contraptions they use for professional bingo games. You crank the handle, spin the balls around, and then open up a little gate to reach in and find what retro-alternative band will be headed out on tour soon. Will it be Morrissey? No, he’s focusing on yelling at the UK and promoting a book about haunted athletes. Will it be Belle and Sebastian? No, too soon, they just had their moment in the sun. *Opens bingo gate* THE CURE!

Every former (or current) goth will rejoice to hear that The Cure have just announced a North American tour for next year. Opening for them on the road will be The Twilight Sad, a band that mixes in their very name the two things that modern goths like best, Twilight, (either the time of day, OR the popular books/movies about how important it is to have a boyfriend) and being sad. 

To get you in the right mindset for the upcoming tour, here’s Robert Smith covering Twilight Sad’s “There’s a Girl in the Corner.” Get a tissue ready, your manliner is gonna run.

Photos by Redferns