Watch This Cyclops-Style X-Men Helmet Shoot Actual Fire

We would wear this crazy thing everywhere.

The X-Men first made their way into movie theaters 16 years ago, introducing us to live-action versions of Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops for the first time. All the mutants have amazing powers but naturally, Cyclops’s mutant laser eyes were something we all wished we could do from time to time. Thanks to Youtuber Allen Pan and his nerdy engineering channel, Sufficiently Advanced, we feel one step closer to living that dream.

Unfortunately, we’re not looking at actual lasers here. It’s a headpiece made of a fuel pump that pumps a fluid Pan described in a comment as “40% acetone with 60% methanol, and about 3g Strontium Chloride per 100ml.” Pilot lights ignite the mixture to make it actually shoot flames in front of your face rather than a laser beam. It’s really a short-range, face-mounted flamethrower.

It’s nowhere near as powerful or destructive as Cyclops’s fiery gaze, but it appears to make popping balloons really fun.