A 7-Story Monstrosity Called the ‘Cyborg’ Is the New Six Flags Ride That Will Make Your Head Spin

Watch it in action, just not after eating.

Six Flags Cyborg Cyber Spin
YouTube/Six Flags Great Adventure

The price of admission to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey now includes the funnest way ever to empty the contents of your stomach via the theme park’s new CYBORG Cyber Spin ride.  

You and 23 other patrons can spin along three different axis 70 feet above the asphalt as you defy both gravity and—in all likelihood—your body’s ability to keep down that corn dog, funnel cake and cotton candy you snarfed while waiting in line. 

Ostensibly, the “world’s first” gyroscope-like thrill ride was inspired by the DC Comics superhero Cyborg. It might actually be a dizzying form of torture conjured up by sadistic engineers, but these people seem to be enjoying themselves. 


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Give it a spin and let us know. 

h/t: Inside Hook