Dabbing Is Officially Dead

Leave it to NFL coaches to ruin a beautiful thing.

Ever hear of a trend only after it already died, making you feel super old and out of the loop?

Dabbing is dance craze that’s been red-hot with young whippersnappers since early summer (or maybe longer, what do I know?) Here’s a pretty good breakdown of what exactly dabbing is from Fader, but the Cliff Notes version is simple: Dabbing is a dance move where you bend your arm and put your face in your elbow, not unlike the proper technique for sneezing

Over the past couple months, the move has taken over the sports world. , Lorenzo Cain did it in the World Series and NFL players are doing it left and right. But no one is doing it better than Cam Newton. The Panther’s quarterback “dabbed on them folks” after scoring against the Titans and started a major controversy that had one concerned parent telling him he looked “like a spoiled brat.”


Dabbing sure seems fun, huh? Too bad it’s over. To blame? A handful of over enthusiastic old men who spend much of their time with men less than half their age, otherwise known as football coaches.

In recent weeks a handful of football coaches, mostly in college, have celebrated big wins by dabbing, much to the delight of their players. But in so doing, they drove a stake through the heart of dabbing. Sorry kids, but rich old white men destroyed the dance you so much. Here are the GIFs to prove it. 

RIP dabbing. You had a good run.

Photos by Wesley hitt / Getty Images