Meet Rosie Mac, Emilia Clarke’s Gorgeous ‘Game Of Thrones’ Body Double

This beautiful body double is hotter than dragon fire.


That’s Rosie on the left, Emilia on the right. (Photo: Rosie Mac/HBO)

We all know and love Emilia Clarke as Khaleesi, the molten-hot Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones. She’s fierce, badass, and sexy as hell. But like most big-time actors on movies and TV shows, she has a body double to help her shoot scenes.

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Emilia Clarke as Daenerys (left) versus Rosie Mac as Daenerys (right)

Judging from these photos, it looks like Clarke’s Game of Thrones doppelganger, Rosie Mac, is just as gorgeous as the English actress herself.

This is what Rosie looks like in normal, everyday life:

Holy shit, she’s hot.

But with a little hair and makeup magic, poof! Rosie turns into Daenerys.

Of course she goes through the same hair and makeup as Emilia Clarke to transform into the mother of dragons, including those signature cascading platinum curls.

Khaleesi, is that you??

And guess what else…Rosie, a.k.a. Daenerys 2.0, likes to hang out with other body doubles on and off set. Best buds! Whattup, Peter Dinklage’s body double!

We’re never sure when we’re watching Emilia and when we’re watching Rosie as Daenerys, but Emilia did reveal one major thing last month – those nude scenes everyone drools over? All Emilia. Well, at least in the fourth episode of the most recent season.

We know who those belong to. (Photo: HBO)

But one thing is for sure – we can’t get enough of Rosie Mac, Emilia Clarke, or both versions of Daenerys. Keep up the good work, ladies.

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