This Beastie Boys/Daft Punk Mash-Up Is Surprisingly Awesome

Turns out that hip-hop and French electro are a musical match made in heaven.


The Beastie Boys‘ rowdy, upbeat brand of hip-hop is worlds apart from the cool, synth-powered sounds of French electro group Daft Punk. But as the adage goes, opposites attract.

A new album mixed by Toronto producer Coins, entitled Daft Science, masterfully combines the boisterous vocals of the iconic New York rap crew with some of the most memorable mixes by Daft Punk. Our friends at High Snobiety were certainly impressed:

There are few things as adrenaline-kicking as hearing “Intergalactic” spliced onto “Robot Rock,” or “Body Movin” woven into the pounding texture of classic Daft Punk tracks like “Da Funk” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” In short, it rocks hard.

The resulting eight tracks are surprisingly cohesive and, yes, fire in every sense of the word.

Listen and download Daft Science in its entirety here.