Daft Punk Meets Star Wars in This Infectious Video

May the funk be with you.

Brian Curtin,  the mastermind behind the independent short films of Infectious Designer,  must have been sitting around one day trying to think up the best possible way to combine iconic movie characters, and electro musicians who are both known for wearing helmet-like masks on their heads. It’s the only possible back story to how he came up with something as cool as “Darth Punk—The Funk Awakens.”

The premise of the video revolves around Darth Vader and Boba Fett disguising themselves as an electronic duo to recruit for the dark side using the help of electro beats and DJ Gonk. 

There’s a prequel, too:

Let’s hope that

Daft Punk

themselves join in on the fun with a diss track of some sort. They could always get

James Earl Jones

to do a verse or two. 

Photos by Youtube