Daft Punk + Pharrell + Nile Rodgers = A Good Friday

The French dance duo return, the world flips it’s collective shit.

The French dance duo return, the world flips it’s collective shit.

For the last few months, French dance heroes Daft Punk have been teasing fans with a molasses-like drip of clips and hints about their new album. There was this mysterious ad on Saturday Night Live in early March, and an abridged video which got the crowd at Coachella freaking out last weekend, and now, at long last, the first single off the robot-fetishists’  upcoming album, Random Access Memories. The funk-heavy  “Get Lucky,” featuring Pharrell Williams on vocals and Chic kingpin Nile Rodgers on guitar, was released at last night at midnight, and has already received a shit-ton of press.

The song “is a throwback to dance records of the ‘70s and ‘80s, when bands and ace session musicians ruled concert stages and recording studios” according to LA radio station KROQ. It “eschews the crunching electronics of their last album and the vocoder-lead future-disco of Discovery in favour of lithe ‘funk grooves’ (apologies) that seem to have been transported directly from an underlit 70s dancefloor,” says the UK’s Guardian. Indie-tastemakers Pitchfork, meanwhile, highlight Rodgers’ guitar work: “Get Lucky’s real elegance lies in the hands of Nile Rodgers, which is no doubt the Robots’ intent. With that sprightly, ageless platinum guitar riff, ‘Get Lucky’ emulates the type of choppy lines Nile once gave to Sister Sledge’s ‘We Are Family’ thirty-plus years ago. The vocodered break from Daft Punk thrills as well, but Rodgers is the reason that ten seconds of ‘Get Lucky’ could dilate into minutes and hours of pleasure without tedium ever settling in.” You know what, just listen to the damn thing: 

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