The Daily Heat Index: ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Promises More Mystery and Terror in New Trailer

Plus, Randy Couture hits the ‘LSB’ stage, and Drake faces off against Reggie Miller in an epic ping pong match.

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Who’s the Real Monster?
We’re still not sure what to make of the JJ Abrams-produced 10 Cloverfield Lane, but the latest trailer footage teases what exactly might be lying outside of that bunker. Mary Elizabeth Winstead wakes up shackled to a bed post, only for John Goodman to explain that everyone on Earth is dead. We aren’t sure if he’s telling her the truth, or if he’s a greater danger than the monsters allegedly patrolling outside the basement door. It appears that Winstead is up for taking chances, with the clip wrapping up as we hear a monstrous roar accompanied by bright light, which can’t be mean anything good at all. Take this for what you may and find out all the answers when 10 Cloverfield Lane hits theaters on March 11th.

Randy Couture Gets ‘Physical’
The retired-MMA master might’ve found himself a new side gig. In the latest teaser for the all-new episode of Lip Sync Battle, Randy Couture goes retro with sweatbands and sexy back up dancers during a rendition of Olivia Newton John’s workout-inspired ‘Physical.’ He may forget the words from time to time, but his dedication to the dance moves makes up for it completely. We can only imagine what opponent Gabriel Iglesias will whip out when it’s his time to hit the stage this Thursday on Spike.

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Drake and Reggie Miller Play Pong
Drake may have already had a heavy presence during NBA All-Star Weekend, but it was his ping pong skills that people took notice of the most. Weeks leading up to the big game, the rapper and retired Indiana Pacers player seemed to challenge one another to a friendly paddle game with no real intentions of bringing it to light. Little did we know, it would actually happen — referee and score keeper and all. While it wasn’t the highlight of the weekend, it most certainly was entertaining to watch.