The Daily Heat Index: Watch Adele Go Back to School with a Classroom Instrument Remix of ‘Hello’

Plus, Gina Rodriguez gets in a funny slap fight, and casting begins for a young Superman in CBS’s Supergirl. 

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Hello from the.. 1st Grade

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots had Adele relive her youth with an amazing elementary school rendition of her new buzzworthy single, ‘Hello.’ The ten-time Grammy winner’s soulful sounds were accompanied by a not-so-soulful wood block, kazoos, bongos, and a banana shaped maraca. The show stealer was Adele (obviously), ending the moving performance by downgrading from her music video phone to a toy one instead. No matter though; we’re still into it.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane


has become a surprise hit for the CBS Network, joining the ranks of other successful superhero programs like 



The Flash. 

While the show centers around



‘s Kara,

casting has begun for a young’n version of the Man of Steel

to appear in flashbacks. First appearing in the show’s 13th episode, Kal-El’s appearance is meant to show the beginning of tight bonds between him and his cousin, before hopefully leading up to some killer action scenes between the dynamic duo. Let the casting rumors begin!

Photo: CBS

Slap It Off

Gina Rodriguez stopped by the Late Late Show on Tuesday night and slapped host James Corden around a little with some boxing moves she learned from her grand ‘ol Dad. Even though James asked for it, he was a little caught off guard by Gina’s solid left ‘hook,’ leading to some unfortunate tears from the late night host. Even after returning with some slaps of his own, the Jane the Virgin star clearly came out on top. Gina 1, James 0. 

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