The Daily Heat Index: ‘Game of Thrones’ Gets an Unexpected Guest Star

Plus, Ben Affleck gets advice from Christian Bale, and watch Taylor Swift wipe out on a treadmill in Apple’s latest commercial.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Schwinter is Coming
Amy Schumer wants you to remember that HBO’s Game of Thrones isn’t the only show returning this April. The hilarious comedienne channels her inner Daenerys for her latest Inside Amy Schumer promo, traveling to the treacherous land of Westeros to remind us that Jon Snow is in fact still alive because as she claims, “he said no to our show.” Find out if Schumer will ride that Uber-horse all the way to Comedy Central’s HQ when season 4 of her show premieres on April 21st.

Taylor Swift v. Treadmill: Dawn of Laughter
In Apple Music’s latest ad, pop sensation and former Maxim Hot 100 winner Taylor Swift proves that she’s just as much of a klutz as the rest of us. Claiming the promo to be ‘based on true events,’ (we feel you, girl), Swift throws on catchy hip-hop tune ‘Jumpman’ before beginning a light treadmill jog. Unfortunately, the 26-year old proves she can’t do two things at once as she soon face plants while rapping the Drake/Future track. If you didn’t like Taylor Swift before, you probably do now. Bravo, Apple. 

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Batman’s Encounter with… Batman
Ben Affleck is the latest man to take up the mantle of The Dark Knight (and at this rate, he probably won’t be the last), so it makes sense that he’d ask the former Batman for some quality crime-fighting advice. While chatting on a special edition episode of Conan, the 43-year old told the story of the time he ran into The Dark Knight‘s Christian Bale, and got some really valuable information out of him: Make sure there’s a zipper in your suit. Watch the clip above and find out exactly what else Bale had to offer Batfleck before filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice