The Daily Heat Index: The Anticipation Builds for Jessica Jones

Plus, we discover 2014 was a tough year for tokers, Art Garfunkel covers The Weeknd, and we stare at some more sinkholes.

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Don’t Mess with Jess

If these latest trailers provide any evidence towards Netflix’s next big series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, it’s that Krysten Ritter is going to be a serious BAMF. In the latest tease, the title character takes out her anger on a jukebox, only to have the camera pane around to reveal the former superhero needed a little more than a nightcap to relieve her stress. Continue your countdown to November 20th and take a peek at the video yourself:

Holey Moley

Some people in the UK got quite a surprise when they woke up to find a giant sinkhole in their on street. The area, St. Albans in Hertfordshire, England now has a gaping 65-foot rift right in the pavement. The residents have been evacuated while officials plan for repairs.

Blunts Might Bring You to the Big House

Whether you’re toking in search of a higher power or just because of how crazy the office is, it’s likely you could be arrested for it. In fact last year, according to FBI data, there was one arrest for every 45 seconds due to marijuana usage in 2014. Yes, the length of time you took that last pull, that was another arrest right there. It’s definitely a sobering number for those of us living in the clouds.

The Best Cover of ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ Ever

Last night, Art Garfunkel teamed up with the guys of Black Simon & Garfunkel on the “Tonight Show” for their chilled out rendition of The Weeknd‘s “Can’t Feel My Face.” Verdict? We can’t feel our face when Art Garfunkel sings. But we love it. Yes we love it. (Or, we just need more coffee.)