The Daily Heat Index: ‘Aquaman’ May Have Found His Wife in Amber Heard

Plus, a new clip gets us even more pumped for ‘BVS: Dawn of Justice,’ and we can’t stop watching Adele rapping some of Nicki Minaj’s finest.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet: 

We May Have Found Mera
Every king should have a strong queen beside him, and in this case, that queen is Amber Heard. Though Aquaman won’t be swimming his way into theaters until 2018, rumors are already swirling about who will play Mera, Aquaman’s wife. At the top of the list is Magic Mike XXL star and underrated actress Amber Heard, who would make a great addition to the DC Universe. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but director James Wan’s re-posting of Variety’s original report is pretty reassuring. No complaints here. 

Do You Bleed, Bro?
Can’t everyone just get along? Zack Snyder brought an extended clip to Conan last night – in it, Superman lays waste of the Batmobile before threatening the Dark Knight’s very life. Don’t count him out just yet though: As Kal-El walks away, Batman questions his practically invincible skin by asking if he bleeds. If he doesn’t, he will soon. Do you need some ice for that burn, Superman?

Adele’s a ‘Motherf*cking Monster’
With her undeniably soulful voice, Adele has managed sell millions upon millions of records, but just when we thought there wasn’t much left she couldn’t surprise us with, she goes and spits rhymes. And not just any rhymes — Nicki Minaj’s verse from ‘Monster,’ a long, intricate sequence only Barbie herself has been able to rock. That is, until Adele tries her hand and completely crushes the game. It’s impossible not to love this.