The Daily Heat Index: Blake Lively Defends Her Glorious Curves Following ‘Baby Got Back’ Flap

“It’s just about celebrating woman’s bodies.”

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Baby Got Back-lash
Following some serious uproar after that “L.A. face with an Oakland booty” Instagram caption during the Cannes Film Festival, Blake Lively is finally speaking out in defense of her curves. “It’s something I was proud of,” she said of quoting the Sir-Mix-a-Lot lyric. “I never meant to offend anyone. But Sir Mix-a-Lot, he actually said a very nice thing, he was very defensive and kind, because it’s just about celebrating women’s bodies, and that’s what I was doing.” You can continue honoring Lively’s killer curves when she’s escaping a great white shark’s clutches in her new movie, The Shallows out this weekend

Say Hello to Zordon
Bryan Cranston will join up with the five high school students dead set on saving the world in 2017’s Power Rangers. Cranston takes on the role of Zordon, floating head and Rangers’ mentor who guides them during their missions. This isn’t the Breaking Bad star’s first outing with the long-running action series; Bryan previously lent his voice for two villains back in the early ’90s.

Double Dose of Neil Young
The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon brought back his famed Neil Young impersonation for a inspirational song about a tree stump.. while sitting on a tree stump. And of course, the only way to put on a proper Neil performance is with the great singer-songwriter himself alongside you. Check it out above.