The Daily Heat Index: Build Your Own Mjolnir Only You Can Lift

It’s basically Unofficial Chris Hemsworth Day as the Aussie joins Instagram, plus rumors spark of a female superhero joining the ranks in Thor 3. 

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Are You Worthy Enough to Lift Thor’s Hammer?

Are you worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, the mystical hammer of Thor forged in the heart of a dying star? Probably not — but at least you can build your own mystical hammer. An industrious YouTuber engineered a replica of the Marvel god’s iconic hammer with a built in fingerprint sensor and electromagnets strong enough to keep the hammer grounded. Sure, it’s not nearly as mysterious as Odin’s enchantment, but it’s still cool enough to pull one over on your friends at your next party.

Chris Hemsworth Joins the Instagram Game

A celebrity’s

first Instagram post

is essentially equivalent to the first of your firstborn. What’s it going to look like? What’re you going to name it? Boy or girl? XX-Pro or Valencia? That’s why when the God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth,

decided to install Instagram

on his phone, the world waited to see what magical gift he would bestow upon us. A classy shot of him and his wife would be the best guess, or maybe a tease into what’s to come for 

Thor 3

. Instead, we were given a hatted Hemsworth and a huge ass snake chillin’ in his backyard. Glad to know what you do on the weekends, Thor. 

A photo posted by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on

Oct 12, 2015 at 9:59am PDT

Thor: Ragnarok May Introduce More Ladies

Pegged as the darkest Marvel script yet, there’s been serious hype brewing behind the third installment of the Thor franchise. With over a year left until the film hits theaters, rumors have start to churn out regarding what we’ll see, including some bonding time between Thor and Hulk, as well as the latest idea: a female superhero. As the duo’s bromance blossoms during a “cosmic road trip,” they’re said to encounter Valkyries, and in turn, deal with Brunnhilde, a bad-ass bitch who would put Ronda Rousey to shame. Nothing’s set in stone as to how the plot will play out, but it does mean that Marvel’s going to be in pursuit of the perfect woman to portray the superheroine. Emily Blunt, we’re looking at you

Photos by Samir Hussein / Getty Images