The Daily Heat Index: Captain America Gains a New Ally

The Apple Watch is everywhere, McDonalds and Burger King might join forces, and more Captain America: Civil War rumors swirl.

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Cap Reunites with an Old Friend

Amidst tons of new footage following the Disney Expo last week, we’ve learned that Cap will join forces with a former friend to take Tony Stark down a peg. Bucky Barnes, also known as the bionic-armed Winter Soldier, will stand alongside Captain America in the upcoming Captain America: Civil Warmaking us wonder if the pair of genetically-altered supersoldiers will have what it takes to bring down Iron Man and his band of loyal followers. As if we weren’t already twitching with anticipation, the rumors of this knockout fight just kicked things up a notch. 

Time is Money

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on getting yourself an Apple Watch simply because you haven’t seen one in person, your time is now. The wearable technology is set to hit all 1,050 Best Buy stores in the U.S. by the end of September due to consumer demand. If you need to try before you buy, scope out select Best Buy locations that offer Apple product stations for display.

Could the McWhopper Solve World Peace?

If you open up a copy of the New York Times today, chances are you’ll see a full page ad from Burger King making McDonald’s an intriguing offer. BK wants to settle the rivalry and team up to create a Frankenburger creation, combining both of their iconic sandwiches. How can we get our hands on one? Well if old McDonald says yes, they’ll sell them for one day only at a pop up store in Atlanta. Peace—the other white meat.

Photos by Walt Disney/Everett Collection