The Daily Heat Index: Channing Tatum Wants to Be Evel Knievel

Plus, Colbert rocks out with Pearl Jam, and we read a study about what gets us hooked on TV.

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Watch Channing Tatum Channel His Inner-Evel

It seems like that rumored Evel Knievel biopic might be back in action, with Mr. Magic Mike at the helm. Channing Tatum recently documented himself doing some motocross training that appears to be baby steps in order to prepare for the film. Even though the jump wasn’t much to write home about, the 35-year old star is clearly dedicated to the part, and wants to make it as authentic as possible. Just make sure you don’t damage that moneymaker of yours, Tatum.

A video posted by Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) on Sep 20, 2015 at 7:32pm PDT

Here’s Why You Can’t Stop Watching

Ah, the siren song of Netflix, luring you away from any productivity or sense of fulfillment from life. Those evil geniuses over at our favorite TV streaming service have cooked up the data to see exactly when you got hooked. For example, people couldn’t stop watching BoJack Horseman after Season 1, Episode 5, whereas they were unable to tear their eyes away from Scandal after Season 1, Episode 2. See the full list on The Verge, who was the first to report this story.

Pearl Jam and Stephen Colbert Partner Up

Stephen Colbert and Pearl Jam added to “official week of men covering songs” with their take on a few Neil Young classics.