The Daily Heat Index: Watch Danica Patrick Scare the Bejesus Out of Unsuspecting Lyft Riders

Plus, Anthony Mackie talks the difficulties of making Marvel movies, and we really want to cook with Chrissy Teigen.

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Welcome to the Ride of Your Life
As someone who got their driver’s license very late in life (and is a terrible driver), I request a Lyft more than I call my own mother. When I get into the car, I throw myself into the backseat, nod to my driver, and keep busy on my phone for the entire e ride in fear of making awkward eye contact.

But for unsuspecting North Carolina passengers, it was best for them to look up. Professional NASCAR driver and all-around smokeshow Danica Patrick went undercover as a not-so-ordinary Lyft driver for the day and cruised the streets of Charlotte only as she would – with the engine revved and emphasis on the left turns. Watch Patrick zoom around above while her riders have no idea what she’s actually capable of.

The Rules of Talking About Marvel
Anthony Mackie, better known as Falcon from the Marvel Comics Universe, stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday night and clarified the Marvel mishap everyone is talking about. The Captain America: Civil War star went on record saying he didn’t reveal The Hulk’s future film appearance in a prior interview, but instead was just praising the MCU’s list of talented actors.

“The first rule of Marvel: Don’t talk about Marvel,” Mackie said regarding the only way to avoid spoilers. This is starting to sound a lot like Fight Club, just with less dissociated personalities and a lot more super powers.” tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”

Chrissy Teigen Has ‘Cravings’
Chrissy Teigen has her hands full these days. She’s the colorful commentator (and best part) of Lip Sync Battle, a social media sensation, and she’s preparing for the birth of her first child with hubby and musical genius, John Legend. If you follow the beauty on Instagram, you may notice that Chrissy is way more than just a pretty face.

Her delectable dishes, ranging from sweet potato streusel pie to smashed potatoes and shallots, has the craving what she’s making. Lucky for us, she’s ready to share. Teigen’s first cook book, Cravings, hits shelves today, February 23rd, with the compilation promising ‘food that you want to eat.’ Check out the trailer preview for Cravings above, and get hungry.